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I just got the movie! Videoflicks set me up, baybeeeee!
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As you may or may not know, the Transformers rock. They were the main attraction of my youth. They were an important part of many childhoods, maybe even yours. If this is true, then hello brother or sister! I hope some of these links are ones you will enjoy...

I had 103 Transformers last time I counted, but that is more a reflection on the affluence of my relatives than my love for the Transformers. Optimus Prime (and Carl Yastrzemski) was my hero while I was growing up. I wanted to have my own car that transformed. I realized soon enough, though, that the engineering necessary to make a Transformer would be entirely too difficult.

I am not selling! To my fellow TF owners - DON'T SELL!! You have to hold on to your childhood!! To any buyers - DON'T EVEN ASK!!! You should have bought them when they came out! I apologize to anyone who had their TFs thrown out and wish to recover some of the magic...my screaming is only due to my desire to never lose my own.

You want links?? I got links right heyah!

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