What Up?!?!

I Highly suggest you go somewhere else! I love the simpsons dearly and I have seen all but 6 2/3 of the episodes to date -- I think I have what eleven tapes full?

But I am sorry to say that this is merely one of those "i love X so much" sites, not any huge deal. Fortunately there are lots of very good pages out there; see links below if you want!

One of my dreams is to somehow incorporate the simpsons into my E90 presentation We'll see how THAT goes!

Other Folks have made some terrific Simpsons pages, you should check them out!

Are you a starving College Student? Raplh sure eats like one! mmmm......paste.......

I have no good reason for you to look at this picture of Itchy & Scratchy but you should check it out anyway! Why don't you look at some of the links below, or better yet, see what Yahoo! has available

Thank you, come again! :)

  • The Simpsons Archive Has it ALL

  • The Official Site by FOX (kinda sucks)

  • What Episodes Are Coming? Look Here to Find Out

  • alt.tv.simpsons

  • Macintosh Icons

  • YAHOO Listing

    Hey You! Have you tried "Groening" yet? You really ought to; this page is coded to look like matt wrote the whole thing - I'm using the Groening font! It can be downloaded for either Windows Users or Mac Users.

    HOWEVER! Groening has no punctuation marks. for those, you need to download Akbar, which is this page is also coded for. It's a little trickier for the web, since you have to call it "Akbar Plain" but it's worth it, dontcha think?

    S1.2 HOM--* MRG BAR* LIS++* ABE- P&S--- Lurleen++! OTT+ MIL# NED+ Mrs. Lovejoy--- MOL++ APU# KRU- SNA# BOB+ MEL+ FRI+++* CBG+++ McBain+ f++ n+ psw $ 1F13,9F06 M21

    go see Dylan's Homepage