I am no longer a Red Sox fan.

I was a Red Sox fan starting with the excitement of the Pennant Drive in 1986. Bummer of a start, but I hung with these guys until Dan Duquette succeeded in removing my love the sox, baseball and my two favorite red-hosers of all time in 1996. I was such a fan! My Old Red Sox Page was the first page I ever made once I learned HTML! I watched or listened to all the games, knew all the stats, hated the yankees...you know how it is. I even took a 5-hour train ride home from school so that I could see Mike's final game. The bitter old goat didn't even play. But I still love him; that tells you how deep my adoration for these athletes can run.

I have small pages of sorts for each of them -

William Roger Clemens Michael Lewis Greenwell

Apologies to those that still keep the faith, by the way. I personally thought José was going to break the curse, but that didn't happen. Well, I wish you the best of luck.

Dylan Humphrey | dylan@sccs.swarthmore.edu