Dylan W. Humphrey
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South Kingstown High School

Graduated June, 1994 ranked 6/191 with a GPA of 4.3. Member of S.A.D.D., Math Team and National Honor Society. Captain of Volleyball Team, played a lot of pickup basketball, and was a four-year Track and Field athlete. National Merit Finalist.

Swarthmore College

Currently a Senior majoring in Engineering with other coursework in Physics, Philosophy and Religion. Three-year captain and four-year member of the Volleyball team. Candidate for Bachelor of Science degree in Spring of 1998.

Work Experience:

June 10, 1996 - present
WWW Intern/Consultant for American Power Conversion
Duties: coded many documents in HTML, imported and analyzed Site Traffic reports using Intersé, suggested layout and HTML ideas for several aspects of the site, asssisted the APC Team at MacWorld Expo
Contact: David Young
Creative Services Manager
American Power Conversion

May 1, 1996 - present

Dispatcher Manager for Swarthmore College
Duties: manage the 30 student dispatchers in the Computing Center, troubleshoot all printing problems that arise.
Contact: Sherri Johnson
User Services Coordinator
Swarthmore College

July 31, 1996 - August 25, 1996

Market Research Intern for American Power Conversion
Duties: performed two large (>100 people) surveys regarding APC Products, performed other tasks for the Marketing and Sales Department at APC
Contact: Joe Loberti
Business Unit Manager
American Power Conversion

July, 1994, 1995 , 1996 & 1997

Volleyball Coach for North Kingstown High School
Duties: In six one-week volleyball camps, instructed youths aged 10-18 in all aspects of playing volleyball. I added special instruction in setting. Some counselling of younger players.
Contact: Victoria Tefft
Head Coach, Volleyball
South Kingstown High School

  • Conversationally Fluent in Spanish
  • Computer languages: C, MATLAB, HTML
  • Computer Systems: UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh
  • Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Mountain Biking, Badminton
  • Hobbies: HTML, Photography, Thinking, Numerology, Reading,

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