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Numerology. Cool stuff. started (westerners say) by Pythagoras in Greece. But I think the Chaldeans predate him, and they did their own numerology. I have been intensely interested in this subject for a couple years now, and have gotten to the point w here I don't really think it holds much water! I think the underlying assumptions are okay, but the rest is questionable. I see a lot of truths in what the science claims, but I can't see any proof. One thing I'd like to do is to undertake a study whic h would analyze the validity of the claims of Numerology. Any Psychology students out there need a research subject? So I've never seen anything great, but if anyone out there thinks Numerology says anything great, about personalities or personal years or anything, then email me and set me straight.

For those of you who would like to know about it, I'll throw in some Unsorted Links That will teach you a lot about Numerology. I have some books, too. I'd recommend Faith Javine's Divine Triangle and Eileen Connolly's Book of Numbers (vols 1 and 2) at your local bookstore.

If you want a numerology reading, or natal chart or whatever, send me a name and a check for $10 and I'll give you what all the commercial places are giving out for a lot more.

For the curious, my birth # is 5,4,5 ->5 and my name # is 88 ->7. That 88 is why I was following this road for so long. It means that I should be a world-famous CEO somewhere. But then I met Eric Todd Nicholson, who is also an 88. And he sings f or a Grunge Band. He is also very dissimilar to me.

So I believe in Numerology. I like how orthoganol the 1/2 vibrations and 4/5 vibrations are. And I also don't see enough evidence for it. It isn't something that should be taken on faith, I don't think, but there seems to be a ton of anecdotal evidence in favor of it. Same as Astrology.

Want some evidence? My current physical trainer/soulmate/lady/amor Lynn has the same first name # and middle name # as me. If we were to be married and she took my name, we'd have all identical numbers! Many couples I have looked at have had the same n umbers. Ashley/Omar and Byron/whatshername are examples of that. But then why are my parents' numbers different? I don't know. oh and god is the perfect symbol of a six vibration, six upside down is 9, which is what you get from 666. So I'll stop now . look at the links, if you want any more from me, it's gonna cost ya (something's got to pay for these books I bought!) :)

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Dylan W Humphrey
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