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HELLO! Hey, I have Multiple Sclerosis. Scary, no? I have lesions on my brain! My eyesight isn't good, and it gets pretty bad with a good sweaty workout. That kinda ticks me off, since I  l o v e   good, sweaty workouts! Hey, I just figured out that an anagram for Swarthmore is "Sweat Mohrr." Pretty good, huh? wow.

Anyway, I am quite the unique individual. MS usually strikes women, aged 30-50. Hi, I'm a 21-year-old MAN. dammit. I kinda see it as my punishment for wanting to be different than everyone else. So now I'm the only MS sufferrer at Swat, anyway, at least that the health center knows about. yahoo, I feel so special.

Well if this little tirade has made you think that I'm a cynical young fart, then you're right. But I also have a much more pleasant side that is demonstrated in the above Story. Give it a read, especially if you're currently dealing with this fool disease.

Here are some links for those of you that want to know more, or maybe want to know how to help:

I was highly influenced by Tim Stout's Article about the Blood Brain Barrier
Be sure you check out all of his updates, too!

What YAHOO has to say about MS

This is a good compendium of Links

MS Crossroads is a very comprehensive site.

The MS Bookstore

has more information...that you have to pay for...sorry...that is pretty inexpensive.

MS Support Newsgroup

A wonderful resource that ties hundreds of thousands of MS Sufferers together

BIOGEN - Creators of Avonex

There is a good introduction to multiple sclerosis here

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

This site has a lot of information on how you can help, etc.

The Myelin Project

Dedicated to finding a cure do this damned disease

Lots of good stuff here, too.

Dave Q's Wonderful recipe for "300% Recovery from MS"

Great information on different diets, as well