Hallowell Third!
RA: Gerardo Antonio Aquino

Welcome to the best hall of all time. Wanna see all the cool people on this super-funk-infested hall? Here they are!

Here is a complete listing; you can email any of them that you want to!
Cari SundermeierJonathan SeitzSarah Boyer
Gerardo Antonio AquinoJung LeePat Friel
Kevin KooJosh Zimmerman
Jimmy ChanWonju KimKatherine Wu
Sonia KimmDylan HumphreyPaul Hsu
Sarah WamesterEmily ShartinAnna Rives
Margaret Coote
Andrea MellerMandara MeyersEthan Friedman
Anderson BaileyEmily HanawaltAbby Salerno
Sean Slotterback

Here is a picture of Patrick and Jimmy "playing":

Our frabjous RA Gerardo is trying to avert Jimmy's lustful advances:

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