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Courses at Swarthmore

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Fall '94Spring '95
Engineering 5: Engineering Methodology
E. Carr Everbach
Engineering 6: Mechanics
Faruq M. A. Siddiqui & Frederick L. Orthlieb
Physics 6: The Character of Physical Law
John Boccio & Michael "Doc" Brown
Physics 7: Introductory Mechanics
Frank Moscatelli & John Boccio
Math 6B: Calculus IIB
Steve Maurer
Math 18: Several Variable Calculus
Gene Klotz
Chinese 16: Substance, Shadow and Spirit in Chinese Literature and Culture
Alan Berkowitz
Spanish 4B: Intensive Spanish
John Hassett
Philisophy 9: Philosophy of Science
Hugh Lacey
Physics 42: Procedures in Experimental Physics
Steve Palmer
Astronomy 5: General Astronomy I
Wulff D. Heintz

Fall '95Spring '96
Enginering 11: Physical Systems Analysis I
Silvio Eberhardt & Erik Cheever
Engineering 12: Physical Systems Analysis II
H. Searl Dunn & Lynne Molter
Math 16: Linear Algebra
Aimee Johnson
Math 30: Differential Equations
Aimee Johnson
Chemistry 10: General Chemistry
R. Bryan Scott Klassen
Engineering 14: Experimentation for Engineering Design
Nelson Macken & Erik Cheever
Physics 8: Electricity, Magnetism and Waves
John Boccio & Tom Donelly
Religion 8: The Buddhist Traditions of Asia
Don Swearer

Fall '96Spring '97
Engineering 84: Heat Transfer
Nelson Macken
Engineering 83: Fluid Mechanics
Nelson Macken
Engineering 41: Thermofluid Mechanics
H. Searl Dunn & Nelson Macken
Engineering 58: Control Theory and Design
Erik Cheever
Religion 15: Philosophy of Religion
Mark I. Wallace
Education 14: Introduction to Education
Lisa Smulyan       Observation Log
CS 21: The Imperative Paradigm: UNIX & C
Lisa Meeden
Statistics 2c: Statistics
Phil Everson
Engineering 35: Solar Energy Systems
Frederick L. Orthlieb

Fall '97Spring '98
Engineering 59: Mechanics of Solids
Faruq M. A. Siddiqui
E90: Engineering Design
Frederick L. Orthlieb
Engineering 82: Engineering Materials
Frederick L. Orthlieb
Engineering 81: Thermal Energy Conversion
Nelson Macken
Economics 1: Introduction to Economics
John Caskey
Psychology 1: Introduction to Psychology
Barry Schwartz & Andrew Ward
Linguistics 1: Introduction to Linguistics
Donna Jo Napoli