D y l a n ' s   B r a i n
June 22, 1998

NameDylan Wells Humphrey
BirthdateMay 31, 1976
Weight160 lbs
BirthplaceHonolulu, Hawaii
Life is Moving fast!
Birthweight7lbs, 4oz.
F a v o r i t e . .
Wood: Pine
Movies: Contact,
Musician: Gordon Lightfoot
TV Show: The Simpsons
Weather: Sunny
Web Browser: Netscape
Fast Food: Taco Bell
ah what's in my head. gotta get the web pages neatly packed, so people can navigate them relatively easily. and gotta let's see....go to the bank, get any last-minute clothes I may need, go eat breakfast! hey, I'm hungry! Know what, it's 5:33AM right now, and that's going to be much too early to be waking up out in San Mateo. Uh oh, I feel a picture comin' on...yup, here we go...yeah earthquakes...
The job's in San Mateo, though I won't be able to afford a place there, so I need to find me a good place to live, preferably not across a bridge from san mateo. Or rather across a bridge from where I end up working. Don't know if I'll be in San Mateo for good.

sigh....so long, lil' Rhody... so long web page, for now...
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