Come, find the wonder in astrology. I'm not talking about newspaper horoscopes - those don't give you the Whole Picture, man! Natal Charts will help you out a lot, but I'd advise you get a complete one - you know, the ones that cost about $20 or so. That would include a computer-generated analysis, even though you don't need that. You need a high quality chart, or at least one that will accurately give you the positions of all the important luminaries. Then either learn astrology and interpret your chart, or pay someone else to tell you what it means!

In order to create your chart, you need to know where the planets were with respect to you at the moment you were born. (If you were born via C-section, the analysis gets a little foggy) so you need date of birth, time of birth and location of birth - to the closest minute (long. and lat.) if you can find the information. There are many programs that will take that information and figure out where all the planets and stars were at the moment of your birth.

This supposedly will tell you all about yourself. If you want to know all about me, I have lots of raw data available for you. I am still learning about Astrology; my latest project has been understanding what all the Aspects mean. I first had to learn all of the basics, though, and if you don't know what a Sagittarian is like, you should read that first.

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