Dylan-tzu's Temple
of contemplation
Relax. ..breathe in... ...breathe out...

Hello. Do you know the meaning of life? You may find it within the walls of this ancient temple. The true meaning of life varies from person to person. I have thought sometimes that life is summarized quite completely on my Taoism Page, but I found that too much thinking about the tenents of Taoism and Buddhism make one not want to think anymore. I love thinking. it is in my Gemini nature.

I love to do many things. Realizing this, I believe, was an important step in my study of the wise ways of Lao-tzu, Siddhartha Gotama and the Native Americans. And like I said, I love thinking. And now I think I will go to sleep. Sounds like a good idea to me.

My name is DYLAN HUMPHREY, I am a twenty-year-old Engineering Major here at Swat. Last Year I lived on the Third Floor of Hallowell. This year I live on the FIRST floor (heh heh...less steps...) of Worth. I am big into volleyball, astrology, and thinking. If you would like to get to know me better, why not check out the GLUT of WWW Pages that I have written? Because there are lots of Web pages worth visiting, and I wrote some of them. There is also a lot of junk out there, a percentage of which I created! :P

But enough about me. What are you like? Tell me if you have the time. Where are you from? ¿Habla Ud Español? Are you are one of the many people who has emailed me already? If so, THANK YOU! Both for your helping me to fix bugs and your wonderful comments - You rock my world :)

Dylan Humphrey