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My name is Dylan. My mom came up with the name, as she wanted her child to have a name that wasn't common, but at the same time, wasn't weird. And I wasn't named after Bob! It's just my name. So Dylan. Hi. Hola. Wazzup.

You have, for reasons unbeknownst to me, arrived at my homepage. I hope you don't regret it! I revise this thing all the time, and this is my latest revision. You can see some other versions if you'd like, or just keep reading!

I have been writing web pages since the Spring of 1995. Thank you, Melissa! She just said "view the source, it's easy." thus beginning my proliferation of little <HTML tags> all over the world! That was my freshman year here at Swarthmore. Enough about me, though; if you want to know more, feel free to peruse The History of Dylan, or, for my most oft-updated page, you can browse my B r a i n. (last update: 27 Jul 98)

For those of you who are still reading, I'll provide some pointers to my online material; there's lots to pick from! (I personally start every day from my Startup Page, but you oughtta just dowhatchalike.)
My Red Sox Page My Transformers Page My Volleyball Page <--Some choice Pages
Swarthmore Volleyball Multiple Sclerosis Tombstone <--My Web Projects
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SSI Tutorial HTML Color Tutorial HTML 3.2 Coded Character Set <--HTML Resources
ALL of my Web Pages many Swatties' Pages friends' pages <--L O T S of Web pages

Thanks for visiting! I hope you had an enjoyable time while you were here, and don't lean too close to the computer screen; it'll wreck your eyes. ;)

Dylan W Humphrey
Swarthmore Class of 1998